When the recession and global financial meltdown finally ended (or at least stabilized), there came about an upheaval in the fashion world. Clothes became cheaper as more and more of them ended up outsourced to countries like China. More and more fashion shows are popping up left and right from 2010 onwards to 2016. People started becoming more creative with their Womens Dresses designs to accommodate for the upsurge of demand due to the cheapness of the supply. Fashion standards have changed significantly in the 2010s. Yesteryear’s retro and classic styles during the New Millennium have been replaced with more skin, more tightness, more colors and embellishments, and the emergence of the infamous “jeggings” (leggings made to look like jeans).

The Latest Trends in Women’s Fashion

* Women’s fashion of 2010 was born out of the era of nerd rock, new punk (of the Avril Lavigne variety), the Goth and Emo movements started by Eighties bands like The Cure, and the acceptance of nerd culture, particularly in terms of retro gaming, sci-fi, tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, and so forth. This resulted in t-shirts and pants emblazoned with pop culture and nerd references that tend to go over most heads of the previous generation.

* Reality TV has also served to influence the fashion choices of the Millennials, with people looking to Snooki, Kendall Jenner, and Paris Hilton for fashion advice and trends. It would seem that the era where you can be famous for being famous has led to excesses in fashion ornamentation and showcasing symbols of your affluence. This also led to people more than ever caring about the labels of their clothes more than the design of the clothes.

* Classic trends with a dash of embellishments, colors, skin, and sexiness plus glamor and attitude were the order of the day in 2000s, so expect a natural progression of that in the 2010s. There’s also the fact that Millennials are much more progressive than previous generations, so their fashion tends to feature less “cultural appropriation” and more of the ironic hipster look with a dash of anti-fashion punk sentiment, as seen in many a rainbow-haired girl nowadays. Fashion is more about a celebration of diversity and feminism for most Millennials.

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